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SEED is a multi-faculty club for Monash students that believe part of a successful career is the ability to create meaningful social impact. Empowering students to follow responsible pathways in both the profit and non-profit sphere, is at the crux of our purpose.  Not only this, we connect Monash students with like-minded individuals, encouraging them to share ideas and form lasting personal and professional networks.


We run ambitious events that connect students to career possibilities within the corporate, non-profit, and social enterprise space. From our flagship Incubator start-up accelerator, to our Externship program, networking nights, panel events and case competitions - we’re Monash University’s largest student club dedicated to social impact. 


SEED stands for Socio-Economic Engagement & Development. While that is a mouthful, SEED is really about taking what we learn at university and applying it in the real world to shape it for the better. Our events and projects are at the intersection of entrepreneurship, social impact, and sustainable business.


SEED was the idea of a Monash economics tutor in 2012 who wanted to create a Microfinance club. From then, SEED slowly branched out to become Monash University’s largest social welfare club, winning club of the year in both 2017 and 2018.


Our vision is to equip Monash University students with the skills and networks to create positive change through entrepreneurship, microfinance, sustainable business models, and corporate citizenship. At SEED it doesn’t matter what faculty you come from - our committee is made up of students from commerce, law, biomedical science, STEM, and more.

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