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The Externship is an opportunity for you to gain real-life work experience, first hand exposure to social enterprises and leadership development opportunities.

Most importantly it is your chance to make a tangible difference!


You will work on a volunteer basis with a social enterprise, helping grow your problem-solving and innovative thinking skills!  

It's a 10 week consulting program which runs throughout Semester 1, where you will participate in various workshops and sessions.

Watch Maxine, our Director of Events & Programs, talk about the various opportunities that are available if you join as a project consultant. 

Applications are closed for our 2022 Externship program, however,  be sure to keep an eye out for when registrations open in 2023!  


Improve your critical thinking skills and develop essential soft skills. 

gain experience

Through collaborating and consulting with a social enterprise you will gain valuable experience.

Experience which will enhance your future employability. 

receive mentorship & training

Receive guidance from experts and professionals to support you as you collaborate with your team.

Showcase your work

At the end of the program you have the chance to share and explain your ideas for the social impact at Presentation Night.

WIL IN 2022

SEED is partnering with the Monash Business School to offer Work
Integrated Learning credit for undertaking the Externship. 


2021 was the first year of SEED's consultancy program. Pictured to the left is our very first cohort of program consultants! 

We were beyond awed and impressed with their dedication, enthusiasm and their presentations to the social enterprises they work with. 

In 2021, we were lucky enough to partner with three social enterprises to take part in the Externship. They included:

BorrowCup - an enterprise that lends out reusable coffee cups to help keep their local environment more sustainable.


ekta.melbourne - a business that crafts and sells personal protective equipment. Their mission is to embrace diversity and provide eco-friendly healthcare products for those who are commonly overlooked. 


Swap-A-Porter - a digital lifestyle platform who aims to keep clothes out of landfill by prolonging their life-cycle, reducing the fashion industry’s eco-footprint through a ‘Tinder-like’ clothing swap.

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