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What is GMCC?

We believe in creating a genuine and positive impact through creative and real solutions to real problems faced by some of the most influential microfinance organisations in the ANZ region. 

An annual competition organised by the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative and other leading Australian and New Zealand universities, the Global Microfinance Case Competition allows passionate and ambitious students to recommend creative solutions to a real microfinance organisation.

Reading a Book

Real case, real clients

What sets GMCC apart from other case competitions is that it is a live case based on a real MMI client. You’ll have the opportunity to create a lasting and genuine impact on microfinance organisations committed to social impact.

Be creative

The GMCC provides an engaging platform for students of all disciplines to utilise their analytical skills, developing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in our contemporary world faced by microfinance and not-for-profit institutions.

Compete on a global stage

Featuring leading Australian and New Zealand universities, test your mettle and capitalise on your analytical skills against some of the world's most promising young talents.

Win a job Interview with Kearney

The winning solution of GMCC will interview for a Summer Internship role at one of the premier consulting firms in the world, Kearney. You’ll also take home $1000!

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