1. All deadlines are strict and failure to adhere to these will result in team penalties.

  2. All teams must consist of 2, 3 or 4 members. Team members can come from any faculty but all team members must be from the same participating university. Individuals may also apply

  3. All teams must select a team name by which they will be known throughout the competition. The team name should not identify any of the individual team members.

  4. The composition of a team must remain unchanged throughout the competition. In extenuating circumstances, requests to change the composition of a team will be considered by MMI and the relevant participating university.

  5. Teams are permitted to use computers (including laptops and smartphones) and access the internet during preparation time

  6. Teams are required to be available for all the commitments and finals. If team members are not able to attend a certain commitment, the relevant participating university must be notified as soon as possible.