We believe in the power of youth-led entrepreneurship to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Incubator is SEED’s flagship program, designed to help students develop the skills required to create their own social enterprise start-ups. Participants are involved in formulating and executing business plans, with the aim of intentionally tackling social issues. The program takes place during Semester 2.

The Incubator is SEED's flagship program and aims to introduce you to the skills needed to create your own social enterprises.


It is an 8-week intensive workshop process, during which you will be provided with professional mentoring to shape your start-ups. 


You will also have the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.


This will finish with a Pitch Night, where you will present a viable business model as your final projects before a panel of experts. 

Check out this video from James, one of our Events & Programs Directors to learn more about the Incubator!

build your skills

with 8 weeks of professional-led workshops on 8 different skills to build and launch a startup.


 Build personal and professional networks with SEED members, fellow entrepreneurs and alumni! PLUS, you will gain the valuable opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals and impact investors.


Our Incubator Program culminates with our annual Pitch Night. You will have the chance to pitch YOUR idea to a panel of impact investors, industry professionals and academics. 


Participate in weekend intensives, and be mentored by industry professionals  in our 6 week program. We don't expect you to know anything about business - learn, develop, and enhance these relevant skills to create a thriving social enterprise through Incubator!


Applying the Lean Methodology, you will develop a sustainable business model, test model assumptions, and create a compelling and realistic value proposition. Using the business acumen and technical skills gained from our workshops, you will be equipped to use business as a platform for social change.


Present YOUR impactful business idea to a panel of professionals, industry guests and peers. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable feedback of your start-up, as well as network with those in the social impact space.



anita voloshin, 2019

The SEED Incubator Program was invaluable. It allowed me to delve into the complexities of creating a new start up and taught me a lot about both the technical and the idealistic side of a social start up. I'd say the whole process was a great lesson in ideation and brainstorming but in a way that allowed you to keep feasibility at the forefront of decision making. From the technical aspect, there was a lot of great new information that we were taught around the legalities, the marketing and the delivery of our start up that I simply could not have had access to without the Incubator program.


Jimmy Ying, 2019

All I had was an idea in my head and a will to turn it into a reality. In just the first week of the program, I was shocked by the quality of the workshops and the calibre of industry speakers who acted as mentors throughout the program. By the end of the program, I was not only equipped with the business skills to take my entrepreneurial journey to new heights, but I also became well versed in public speaking and pitching which ultimately made me a more confident person.

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