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SEED Keepcups


SEED is selling KeepCups! We are so excited to launch this brand new addition to our club which mixes our love of sustainability, bright colours & microfinance all in one! 

KeepCup is an industry leader in the reusable cup sphere, with customers in over 65 different countries around the world. Thanks to KeepCup products, millions of disposable coffee cups are diverted from landfill each and every day.

The re-use movement is all about collective action with the aim of decreasing plastic waste in our landfill, waterways, and natural environment. By ditching single use plastic containers and coffee cups and opting for reusable, washable ones instead, individuals from around the world are playing their part in minimising the devastating consequences of incorrect plastic disposal. Some studies suggest that up to half of all plastic produced is single-use, and we believe humanity can do better.

As a club, SEED backs the re-use movement as a sustainable step forwards. We value an ethically conscious approach to social impact, and recognise the necessity for collective action in achieving goals. We strongly encourage our members to learn more about this movement - and to incorporate its principles into their daily lives where possible.

SEED is proud to be selling KeepCups - to provide a product which makes joining the re-use movement simple for all. All funds raised will go directly towards our events and programs promoting social impact - with a specific target of ensuring our participation in and promotion of this important sustainability movement going forwards. 


At our main events throughout the year, SEED will be selling hot beverages in KeepCups, to provide attendees with the chance to ‘choose re-use’. These cups will be available for purchase, or simply for use throughout the event. We are proud to be providing an opportunity for our members to adopt more sustainable behaviours, and we warmly invite you to purchase a KeepCup in support of our club, and the re-use movement.

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