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past events 

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csr networking night 2020 

This was a super fun night, where we were able to talk in small groups with people who actively incorporate CSR into their professional lives! 

There were representatives from firms like PwC, Boston Consulting Group, Allens, Ashurst, ARUP who shared their experiences in the field of corporate social responsibility. 

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WOrld Innovation challenge 2020

In conjunction with Warwick Enterprise, Monash SEED was able to offer an intense, fun 48 hour contest! 

This was a great opportunity for contestants to set a foot into the sustainability industry as well as gain valuable skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and critical thinking!!



#seedcubator2020 Pitch Night was an amazing success! The Incubator participants this year did a fantastic job! We heard from our amazing industry guests and key note speaker, took home some amazing audience prices and learned about the next big start ups! Congratulations to the winning team : Ekta.!]

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sustainability in business

Social impact isn’t just limited to NGOs and not-for-profits, and it’s important to start a dialogue about this topic within corporations too! SEED has kept ourselves busy this quarantine chatting with industry experts from Deloitte, World Vision and ARUP. 

We spoke with Jackie Allender, Dr Francesca Maclean, and Simone Dowding about sustainability, social inclusion, greenwashing, gender equity and so much more! 



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run for refugees trivia night

It was fantastic to see so many people show their support for Run for Refugees. Asylum seekers face $34,000 in university fees each year, and the Humanitarian Scholarships play a vital role in breaking down these barriers to education. What a great night of friendly competition - hope you are now all clued up about Elvis Presley's middle name!


Let's continue to support the Monash Humanitarian Scholarships together🌟




A highlight of last semester was the amazing 2019 Networking Night, which gave students the opportunity to mingle with distinguished, career-driven guests and gain insights about working in impact-driven organisations. The guests came from amazing organisations including World Vision, Oaktree, Vollie, Arup, PwC, Law Squared, Pollinate Energy, The Humanitarian Advisory Group, Project Lantern and YGAP!


It was particularly great to hear about the inspiring work Dr Francesca Maclean does both personally and at ARUP to push workplace equality in STEM fields.


Corporate Social REsponsibility Panel

With representatives from NAB, ARUP, EY, Downer Group, Right Lane, PwC, and Deloitte, this night was a great opportunity to learn about how social impact and the corporate world intersect. From banking & commerce to consulting and environmental engineering, social impact is possible in any career. Students were able to gain meaningful insights into what corporates firms were doing to improve long-term sustainability and enhancing the wellbeing of the community.


mymi x seed: medhack

MEDHACK brought students at the intersection of design, health, and engineering to reimagine what healthcare could be for patients and the disabilities community. MEDHACK : ENABLED gave students the opportunity to you'll have the weekend to co-design, build, and pitch a solution tackling a challenge associated with disability in collaboration with your co-designer. 2019's theme was assistive tech!


We’d like to congratulate the MYMI committee for their vision and execution of MEDHACK. The clear theme for this hackathon was empathy, not competition. 

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seed x mymi assistive technology expo

Assistive technology is any kind of tech that addresses challenges associated with disability; helping individuals who may not be fully-abled, navigate daily life. We hope to start a conversation about inclusivity, and the current perception of medtech, and its bright future! 


 One of many assistive tech products presented was the "C-Pen," which scans and reads written text aloud for individuals with reading difficulties or visual impairments.


how to have a social impact 

Collaborating with the Generator, our "How to Have a Social Impact" helped dispel some common misconceptions about imparting change in your career.

From not understanding what social impact options are available to you, to adopting the ‘purist’ view and thinking that charities are the only real way to positively change the world, there are a bunch myths that we debunked. 

We hope that hearing from a panel of incredible individuals from Thankyou. to BorrowCup inspired you to create social change in your own ways.

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