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Our Story

From a Seed to a Forest


In 2012, an economics tutor at Monash University had the idea of creating a student club focused on microfinance. From this small seed that was planted, Monash SEED would grow to become Monash University's largest club dedicated towards social impact. Monash SEED (Socio-Economic Engagement and Development) is a student led social impact club that seeks to equip, engage, and educate students about having a meaningful social impact in their lives and careers.




Equipping students with practical skills that are required to create social impact through various events and programs




Engaging in meaningful conversation and promoting diverse ideas




Educating students using our research and experience, and fostering a socially conscious community


What is Social Impact?


“Social impact is the result of a set of activities which leads to a significant positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge.”

At Monash SEED, our aim is to create positive, meaningful and sustainable change for the benefit of our community and those at disadvantage as a result of complex, long-term societal issues.


Meaningful social impact can be imparted through a plethora of ways. Monash SEED seeks to achieve social impact through empowering students with the knowledge and skills whereby students can be inspired to take positive action to create a social impact within their careers.

Our Vision


We aim to equip students with the practical skills to engage in social impact, engage in conversations focusing on a diversity of ideas, and empower students to have a sustainable social impact in their lives and careers.

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