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The People Behind SEED

Our committee members are dedicated towards equipping, educating and engaging students to make a positive social impact in their worlds. We are a diverse group of individuals, coming from a range of specialisations such as business, law, arts, medical science, engineering, science and so many more. We encourage everyone to apply! No experience is needed but a positive attitude, and a dedication towards imparting meaningful change.



If you are an enthusiastic individual with a passion for social impact, we would love to have you on board!

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Events and Programs 


As an Events and Programs Officer you will

  • Assist our Events and Programs directors in planning and coordinating our highly anticipated flagship events and programs such as Incubator, STEM Social Impact Networking Night, Externship Program, and many more!

  • Execute and manage event logistics

  • Develop your skills in recruitment, event coordination, communication, leadership and so much more!

  • Contribute towards creating long-term E&P strategies for our club

  • Work closely with the marketing and sponsorship portfolios to promote events that generate a positive social impact


As a Marketing Officer you will

  • Find creative ways to communicate and engage with our audience across a range of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

  • Work within a wholesome and collaborative team to implement a range of marketing strategies

  • Create and coordinate marketing activities using content calendars

  • Foster working relationships across the Sponsorship, Events and Programs and People and Culture portfolios

  • Develop your technical skills across applications such as a MailChimp and Canva 

People and Culture 


As a People and Culture Officer you will

  • Support the recruitment and onboarding activities of Monash SEED

  • Maintain SEED's internal culture through a range of events and initiatives such as our LinkedIn Skill's workshop, Interview Tips workshop, social events and many more

  • Use your creative thinking to improve the way SEED's committee members interact with and work with each other

  • Ensuring SEED remains diverse and inclusive

  • Develop your communication, time management and organisational skills 


As a Sponsorship Officer you will

  • Foster meaningful relationships with external stakeholders in order to secure sponsorships for SEED's future events and programs

  • Maintain and strengthen existing relationships with sponsors

  • Contribute towards the creation of a sponsorship strategy for future years

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with other portfolios in order to provide valuable opportunities for both sponsors and students

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