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Monash SEED seeks to equip, educate and engage students to enact positive social change within their worlds. We do this through a range of multi-disciplinary events that allow students to engage directly with social issues. Through this, students are able to develop skills that they will be able to impart in their careers and the wider world.


CSR Networking Night

SEED's annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Networking Night allows students and industry professionals to inquire into the ethical challenges faced by the corporate spheres. The evening provides an opportunity for individuals to participate in invigorating discussions about what it means for businesses to create a positive social impact.

STEM Social Impact Networking Night


Our flagship STEM Social Impact Networking Night provides an opportunity for students to explore social impact within STEM. The event hosts guests from a range of STEM fields, both public and private, and delves into career pathways available to socially-minded students. Ultimately, the event provides an opportunity for students and guests alike to ascertain what social impact in STEM looks like.



Social Impact Entrepreneurship Networking Night (SIENN) is a free networking event for ambitious students who are passionate about making social impact through entrepreneurship. The event epitomises our ongoing commitment towards connecting students with enterprises that use innovative thinking in order to solve social impact issues. SIENN presents an opportunity for students to mingle with some of the best and brightest social entrepreneurs and highlight to students, the pathways into creating their own impactful start-ups. 

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